Shrine tomb of Magtymguly Pyragy in Maraveh Tappeh
It is located 32 km west of the Maraveh Tappeh.In 1370 a tomb was built for Magtymguly Pyragy.The construction of this tomb ended in 1378it was opened on 28 May marks the anniversary of his birth by attending lectures ofTurkmenistan’s President Saparmurat NiyazovAtallah Mohajerani Iran’s Culture Minister.

In Pyragy’sbirthday a large crowd of local people and government authorities from Iran and Turkmenistan come to the tomb to celebrate the day.Most of his poems have been destroyed in wars of that era (wars between Qajarayran government and Turkmens and also the wars between Turkmen tribes). His remained poems had been collected in the 1870s by the Hungarian explorer and orientalist called Arminius Vamberywhich is kept at the Great Britain Library.

Three decades before Vambery,Makhtumkuli was introduced by two famous Polish scholars called Alexander Shodzko and Boriho, to the world.Further, Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh called him Turkmens’ Ferdowsi.

Magtymguly Pyragy was born in 1112 Shamsi and died in 1169 or 1176. He was Iranian Turkmen poet whois considered as the greatest Turkmen poet and one of the most important men of the Turkmen people. In his poems,he has usually addressed to social and political issues.

Personal life:Magtymguly Pyragy was born in 1112 in Haji Ghoshandar in North East of Gonbad Kaboos. According to some sources, his birth place was in an area called Ging where was near to Maraveh Tappeh. His father was Dolat Mohammed Azadi who was one of the famous Turkmen poets in the twelfth century and his mother's name was Araz Gol from Goklan tribe.

He had taught primary education, Arabic and Persian languages by his father. Then he went to Shir Ghazi School in Khive. Afterward, he had also other trips, including to Afghanistan and India. He was in love with his cousin Menglī but when he was young he could not reach her.

After the death of his elder brother, Abdullah, in Afghanistan at the request of Ahmad Shah Durrani (the founder of modern Afghanistan) he went to there and he got married with his brother's widow Agh Ghiz and he had two children, Babak and Ebrahimwho both died in childhood. According to some sources,Magtymguly Pyragy died in the year 1169 Hijri next to Sungi Dagh springs on the Abasary hillside. He was buried in the village called Aq Tagheh in East North of Golestan Province in Maraveh Tappeh, near his father's tomb. Magtymguly considered social and political issues in his poetry and he had focusedto strike ofNadir Shah Afshar and Turkmen Union and condemns wars of that era.

He had also been composed a poem about Nader’s attack to Turkmens despite of theirprevious assistance at the beginning of his administrationin which he called Nader as conqueror and doomed. Besides, hehad threatened of the consequences of killing. His prediction became a reality soon when Nader Shah was assassinated by one of his relatives. He has also considered social issues such as polygamy, literacy, the role of women in society, poverty, class differences, and the drug problem.He was sanctioned because he objected to the religious hypocrisy andduplex clerics and Sufi scholars.He was bannedby most of the chiefs and the powerful authorities of his era.

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