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Ahmad Tajari

The head of Public Relations and Cultural Affairs of (CHHT) general office and Festival Director

“The culture and history of tribes have important roles in forming national identity and values.”

Ibrahim Karimi

The Director General of Golestan CHHT and Chief of the 10th International Tribes’ Culture Festival Staff:

“The internationalization of Tribes’ Culture Festival is a good opportunity for introducing Golestan province.”

Ali Asghar Navasan

The President of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (CHHTO)

The Last News of Tribes Culture Festival

  • The Warm Welcome of People to the 10th International Tribes’ Culture Festival
  • Golestan has become a Tourist Destination in Iran
  • The Holding of Tribes Festival is considered as a model for Integration of Tribes in the World
  • The Introduction of Golestan Private Sector Tourism Capabilities in the 10th International Tribes’ Culture Festival
  • The Presence of Various Tribes under the Shadow of PeaceUnity is the Cause of Happiness of the Province.
  • Iran Has an Ancient CultureHistory
  • The Participation of the Ambassadors of the Central Asian Countries
  • The Participation of 205 Handicrafts Artists in the 10th International Tribes’ Culture Festival
  • Appropriate Security Arrangements for the 10th International Tribes’ Culture Festival are provided
  • The culturehistory of tribes have important roles in forming national identityvalues
  • The Directorate-General Cultural heritage says :

    The Internationalization of Tribes’ Culture Festival: Good Opportunity for Introducing Golestan Province
  • The Directorate-General Cultural hertiage says :

    The 10th International Tribes’ Culture Festival focusing on Nowruz

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History of Tribes Culture Festival

The culture and history have effective roles in forming the national identity. The cultural symbols are a part of culture outcome. In addition, protecting it can play an important role in forming national and regional identity of every country. With a brief look at the historical background of countries, we understand that honoring the cultural and social works and values of every nation lead to cultural promotion. Because, the history indicates that the nations which have ancient culture and history are safe and less vulnerable to cultural attacks and change. Although some of the historic and cultural foundations of nations are subject to change in 21st century, paying attention to them is necessary. Iran is a country including various tribes which have particular beliefs, customs and traditions. They form a united national Iranian identity with their many cultural differences and Golestan province is not excluded. There are many ecotourism attractions (which make the province known as the treasury of ecotourism), the world heritage of Gonbad-e Qabus and monuments such as the remains of the ancient city of Hyrcania (Jorjan), the Great Wall of Gorgan, and hundreds of other valuable works in the province proves this claim. Accordingly, the maintenance and protection of cultural heritage, which shows the more than 7000-year history of the province, is very important. The International Tribes’ Culture Festival, with successful holding of 9 times in Golestan Province in 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, with the presence of ambassadors of different countries, various tribes from all over Iran, and with the presence of investors, tour operators, and handicrafts artists of the country, has been taken into consideration of authorities. The proposal to hold this cultural event at the international level focusing on Nowruz in tribes (with the aim of meeting different tribes’ cultures and representing in the form of exhibition and festival, with other programs such as scientific conference, tours of the province and its villages, rituals and customs of tribes, etc.) has been on the agenda. It provides an opportunity to study all of the cultural, social, and economic dimensions of these tribes in order to become familiar with ethnic and regional cultures and taking a step in the way of preserving the rituals and customs of the country. Definition: The International Tribes’ Culture Festival is a promotion opportunity which includes the analysis of all of the cultural, social, and economic dimensions. Besides, the ethnic and regional cultures and the particular features of regions will be considered. Foundation The main foundation of the festival is providing familiarity conditions, expanding Iranian tribes’ cultures to tourism development and growth. For this purpose, holding of the festival, exhibition, and conference as well as extra activities are considered. Audiences All of the people who are interested in the tourism development of the province such as follows: • National and regional authorities • Neighboring countries (specially Persian-speakers Countries), the Member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECCO) • Researchers, Experts, and Pundits • Investors and Tour operators • National and regional Media • All of the tribes of the province and the country Time and place of festival At 28th December, 2016 to 1st January, 2017, In International Exhibitions Center at 5 km Gorgan- Aq Qala road.

The Selection of Latest Tribes Festival

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