Ziarat old texture
Ziarat village is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level15 kilometers southeast of GorganNahar Khoran forest park.The village is located between two mountainousforested slopeshas a temperate climate such that the weather is cool in summerit is cold in winter.

This village is limited from the north to Nahar Khoran, Bandsar highlands and Hamame Shahr, from the East to Khaal Darreh highlands, from the West to Adim, Mazokesh, and Kamarsar highlands and from the south to the waterfall and mountains covered by forests.

This village has unique architecture with especially mountainous texture. One of the most interesting points of interest in the texture of the village (Which is not observed in other villages) is the shared yard with passages that means that open private space is the same as village passages. Inside the passages, there are furnace, water faucet, wash basin, toilet, and cellar.

The materials and manufacturing technology used in buildings in the village has been kept it safe from all types of natural disasters.

The village’s buildings are constructed in two-floors. The first floor is dedicated to the whereabouts of poultry and livestock, and to barn and some crafts workshop. And the second floor belongs to home residents. Ziarat village, as benefits from favorable weather, beautiful natural landscapes, special and traditional architectural style, is one of the main tourist spots in Golestan province.

Along with the village’s unique natural attractions, it is one of the most important historical sites on the east side of the village area called Poshte Laam. In 1981, a collection of metal objects in a grave in the mentioned area were obtained. This collection has been on public display at the Museum of Gorgan.

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