Lasho waterfall of Fazelabad in Azadshahr
Fazelabad Lasho waterfall is located 3 km to the international Azadshahr-shahrud roadwith 1.5 kilometers toAzadshahr city center.The waterfall has 25 meters highit is grown on the beautiful green moss on the rock which is incredibly beautifuleye-catching. Fazelabad village is located on the southeastern city of Azadshahrbased on country divisions it is central part of the city.

The Village is limited to Marzban village from the East, to Khandooz village from the West andfrom the south is connected to dense forests. The highest peak in the region is called Gahvareh Kooh.


Existing tourism facilities

WC: none

Accommodation units: none

Suite: no

Way to access: Yes

How to Access: on foot

The best season to visit:

In spring and summer and early autumn, especially on holidays hundreds of families visit and spend hours to rest and leisure.

Essential requirements in specific seasons:

In spring and summer, it does not need to have special requirements, but only the passengers must not stay on the sidelines of the river. 
In autumn and winter bringing warm clothing, non-perishable food stores, chains for car are necessary.
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