WaterfallGlacier of Parsian Village in Azadshahr
Prsian village as one part of Cheshmeh Saran section is located on 35 km from southeast of Azadshahr90 kilometers from Gorgan on the Khvosh YeylaqAzadshahr to Shahrud route.Attraction’s Location:Under the influence of mountainous climate the village has cold wintersmild summers.

Given the lack of historic monuments, the village is not very old. But in suitable weather conditions and natural position and surrounding meadows, forests and mountains had a great impact on the formation and establishment of the village.

The geographical coordinates of this village is 55 degrees with 26 minutes east longitude and is 36 degrees with57 minutesnorth latitude. According to the Fourth Economic Development Plan, the improvingof about 50 villages with valuable texture is approved by the Cabinet that one of these them is Parsian village in Azadshahr.Regarding architecture and traditional context, it can be compared with Masuleh village.

At present, 70% of housing units in the village is modeled as rural housing modeling. There are more than a dozens of springs between the glacier and waterfall that the required water of village is suppliedby these springs.

Parsian Qanchy Forest Park is another natural attraction in this village. This beautiful park creates a very beautifullandscape all year round with a variety of broadleaf and conifers trees. Parsian Qanchy village’s people speak Turkish. This mountain village is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.Tilabaad river passes of south of the village. The distance of village to waterfall is 2 kilometers and to the glacier is 4 kilometers.


Existing tourism facilities

WC: Yes

Accommodation units: none

Suite: none

Access road: Yes

How to access: by car

Best visiting season: spring, summer and early fall

Essential requirements in specific seasons: personal accessories and food and water.

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