Zeitoon Tappeh Park in Azadshahr
This park is located on the south side of Azadshahr2 km from the city center.This park from whole Azadshahr cityall the way that goes to GonbadGorgancan be seenhas outstanding beauty. It was in shape of forest about 30 years agochanged into farmlandolive groves.

Because of 4 hectares of olive groves,it was known as Olive hill (Zeitoon Tappeh). It is an investment packages of this town.


Existing tourism facilities

WC: Yes

Accommodation units: none

Suites: none

Way to access: its access road goes through the city and there are several pastures and gardens around it. The road to the top of the hill is asphalt and it is easily accessible.

How to Access: by Car

Best visiting season: all season. The citizens and passengers visit this park and it is a safe place for travelers to stay at night.

Essential requirements in specific seasons: personal accessories and food and water.

Other facilities:

For the welfare of citizens and passengers, this park has toilets, prayer room, playground equipment, pavilions. In the future, some projectssuch as safety road,artificial waterfalls, and water supply are of municipal programs.

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