The building of the Aq Imam shrine in Azadshahr
It is located on the three-kilometer access road to the village called Ghezeljeh. Aq Imam is in 5 km from northeast of Azadshahr80 km from Gorgan. Attraction’s Description:This shrine is the tomb of Muhammad ibn Zayd. HassanMohammad ibn Zayd were two brothers who were born in Medinah.

Their father was Zayd son of Muhammad Ibn Ismail Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn al-Hasan Ibn Abi Talib and their mother was daughter of Abdullah Obeydullah ibn Al Araj Bin Hussein Al Asqar ibn Ali bin Hussain bin Ali bin Abi Talib.

After the martyrdom of Zayd ibn Ali ibn Al Hussein in Kufa and Yahya his son in Khorasan that led to the emergence of other descendant of Imam Hassan and Imam Hossein (AS) in other areas. A group of Sadat had been moving to Guilan and Deilam lands and the others had been migrating to Hijaz, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Isfahan, and Ray. These two men, like other Al-e Abi Talib's immigrants, came from Medina to Ray and lived there for a long time.

In the year 250 AH, due to the oppression of the Tahiridrulers in Tabaristan and because of asceticism and piety of Sadat behavior, they sought refuge to this area.

Hasan ibn Zayd Alavi, who was a brave and scholar man, was chosen to lead this group. After overcoming the Taheri rulers, Hassan ibn Zayd Deylam, by Deilam and Espahbodan commanders’ support, had constructed Sari as his government palce. And Hasan ibn Zayd government was started by Alavi uprising in Tabaristan. Zaidiyyah imamate was ruled in accordance with Shia religion in all over Tabaristan.

Hasan ibn Zayd after the conquest of Ray, Gorgan, and Tabaristan made serious efforts in repelling Russians pirates. However, due to his intensity and strength, he was nicknamed as "Hal Balhejarah" and "Daee Kabir"wgo died in 271 AH.

Some historians have written that his tomb is in the village of Gorgan called Roshanakhareh, but it is not considerably named in the old and new Geography books. After the death of Hasan ibn Zaid, his brother Mohammad ibn Zaid Alavi was the next governor.

Mohammed ibn Zaid, after destroying his domestic rival, Abo- Hossein, was expanding his empire, he went from Gorgan to Damghan then to Semnan and after that he went to Khwar (approximately current Garmsar) and then he had fighted with Turkish Asatkin army near Rey, but he was failed and went to Larijan.

He, who was previously theruler of Gorgan (Gonbade Kavus), moved his headquarters to Amol. In 273 AH, Khorasan’s ruler invaded Gorgan, stimulated by Espahbod Rostam ibn Qaren, but he was defeated.

Shrine building is octagonal of brick and plaster that the width of each side is two meters. Besides, from the inside and the height of the wall is 5.5 meters from the outside. The beginning of dome belt is eight slots that were turned into circle with increasing and has created sharp cone-shaped dome.

There are four skylights below the dome's belt. Both opposite sides of inner diameter of the dome are 5 meters. And a porch with 243 cm wide around the dome from the outside was stacked with bricks.

Moreover, according tosome quotes, the primary architects have designed it the same as Gonbad-e Qabus Tower map in order to have maximum strength especially in walls to hold a dome with 5 meters height onto their shoulders. It should be noted that the current building with new dome and shrine had been repaired. Also according to the "Jorjan history" written by Abu Hamza ibn Yousef died in 427 AH that Ma'mun came to Gorgan withAli ibn Musa al-Reza (PBUH) and Muhammad ibn Jafar ibn Muhammad in 203 AH. And later, Ma'mun built a castle near the tomb of Mohammad ibn Jafar Sadiq which is famous as his name but today there are some of its remains.



Aq Imam is a Turkish word which is used as an adjective means white. Because Aq Chay –the white river is an adjective that always precedes the noun in Turkish. To clarify the above issues we need some information about Yaha ibn Zaid shrine.

Since the Yahya ibn Zaid shrine was built over his grave in 125 AH,probably by an earthquake in 1290 AD the tomb, like other buildings landed and plunged. After that, the new building was constructed in the same year.To go into the hallway, there was a long and dark corridor. Accordingly,some stairs were embedded.Since the location of the tomb was a little dark, Torkmen and Turkish used to call it "Qaranaki Imam" means dark Imam.

It should be noted that after construction of the current building of Yahya ibn Zaid shrine,at the Naseredin Shah time, the Gorgan governor - Alaoddoleh – built itin on a high place from the ground. But since the tomb of Muhammad ibn Zayd was constructed on the elevation mountain and it was lighter than QarankiImam.Therefore, comparing it with the above location, Turkmens called it as Aq Imam (white Imam) and this expression has been retained its position yet. Both Shia and Sunni people of the region were notunaware of the pilgrimage of these two shrines.

Rabino also says in his travelogue: (Qaranky Imam) in the Turkmen language, means black Imam.

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