Qoroq Forest Park in Gorgan
This park is located at an area of 650 hectares on 20 km from East of Gorgan in Asian highway that is the whereabouts of nativeunique deer called Maral (Cervus/ Elaphus) in northern forests of Iran.The wooden camp in this park has createdbeautiful scenery for travelerstourists.

It is located at an altitude of 105 meters above sea level. The highest point is 600 meters and the lowest point is 40 m.

The park is located on the plains. In spring and summer, the wind flow is from West to East and at night from South to North.

The zoo is one of the features of this park. Its forest vegetation cover includes Parrotia, hornbeam, oak, linden, alder, maple, etc. And its shrub and coverage habitat, are the same as other plains habitats in Iran. The visiting of park mostly happensin the spring and summer and visitors are often indigenous people of Gorgan, Aliabad, Fazelabad, and the surrounding villages and Mashhad pilgrims and travelers. Further, large groups of pupils and students and nature enthusiasts can be seen among them.

Water networks, electricity, health services, zoo, children's park, wooden shelters, camping and picnic areas, a chapel, shops and restaurants, security building , paved paths and sidewalks and are all the facilities of Qoroq forest park as a tourism area and also the site of the Village Museum in the north of the country.


Existing infrastructure in the region: Whole infrastructure are supplied

Tourism area seasons: The village has capabilities to attracting tourists in all seasons.

Existing tourism facilities

WC: Yes

Accommodation units: none

Suite: none

Access road: pavements, and by car

How to access: by vehicle

Other welfare facilities: all other facilities

The best season to visit: all seasons

Tourism essential requirements in certain seasons: All the essentials are there.

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