Nowmal tourist village in Gorgan
Nowmal village isconsidered as one of the near parts to the central district of Gorgan city.It is located on southern Astarābād village15 kilometers southeast of the provincial center of Golestan. According to the 2011 census the village’s population was about 1520 peopleover 390 households. The people of this village work in agriculture animal husbandrypublicprivate jobs.

Major farming products are wheat, potatoes, peas, and the special product is dry onions that is a major agricultural production in the province and it is exported to neighboring provinces.

Nowmal village in two fields of tourism and cultural heritage has a good potential:

  1. In the tourism field, it has rainforests that includes broad leaf trees such as oak, parrotia, maple, yew, linden, alder, etc. and its attractions including clear and beautiful springs, spectacular waterfalls and various animal species such as chamois, deer, leopard, bear, etc. and a variety of birds such as partridges, pheasants (Toorang).Also, it has a Dam (Kosar Dam) which is over 100 hectares reservoir. It also has an area of 5 hectares of water reservoirs located in the northern part of the village.
  2. In the field of cultural heritage, the village has historical background.In this case, it can be mentioned to some ancient hills in this village such as Qale Tappeh, and Palang Tappeh, and a tomb which is called Pirmomen.

Rural infrastructure: water, electricity, gas, telephone, and asphalt road



Existing tourism facilities

WC: Yes

Accommodation units: none

Suite: none

Access Road: Asphalt

How to access: by vehicle

Other amenities: bathrooms and access to water, electricity and telephone are available.

The best seasons for visiting the village: in all seasons it is capable of attract tourists.

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