Tourist center span of the Zarin Gol in Ali Abad Katool
Zarin Gol tourism area is located from 8 km East of Aliabad Katul.The tourism center has eight beautiful mountainous villages including Afratakhteh Khak Pirezan Shirin Abad Chino Mian Rustaqand Sia Roodbar.This span in addition to having naturalhistorical attractions is international reserves of yew trees which is also increased the regional value of this area.

Existing tourism facilities

WC: none

Accommodation units: none

Suite: None

The access road is paved and dirt

How to Access: by car

The best season to visit: Spring and summer

Tourism essential requirements in certain seasons: in spring and summer, it does not need to have special requirements, but only the passengers must not stay on the sidelines of the river. 
In autumn and winter: bringing warm clothing, non-perishable food stores, chains for car are necessary.
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