Sayed Qelich Ishan Mosquereligious school (Karim Ishan) in Maraveh Tappe
It is located in Karim Ishan village55 km from Maraveh Tappeh city center. It is also located in East of Kalalehit belongs to the Qajar era.The brick building of mosque was built by squarerectangular mapincludes a courtyard with entranceits roof is covered with 4 domes.

The school is alsobuilt by bricks and the exterior entrance is covered by tiles.The school entrance that lacks artistic elegance has a bit of poetry that shows the date of the building’sconstructionin1328 (Lunar year).School yard is foursquare that in one of its sides there are some chambers. Semi-circular brick tower with brick minaret works can be seen on the angles of the outside of school sides.The Overall building had enjoyed considerable strengthin the past but over time, especially because of earthquake in 1348, it suffered great damage.

WC: Yes / unit: None / Suite: None / access: Yes/ Way Access: by car/ the best season to visit: All seasons/ essential requirements in specific seasons: personal accessories and food and water.

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