Khalid Nabi shrine in Kalaleh
It is located in 55 km northeast of Kalaleh6 kilometers from the Gachi-Su village.Khalid Nabi shrine was formed as a roofed construction by the foursquare planthere are some windowsthe entrance doorthe door has a vault arch.

The windows and entrance door (ferrous) are simpleand none of them have decorated cornice.Khalid Nabi cemetery ceiling is circular dome, parabola-shaped and green from the outside.Just a simple and stack-shaped grave is seen inside the Khalid Nabi monument.This grave has no historical inscriptions.The monument’sceiling was built on two metal pillars.

Some small natural stones made of river stones have been laid on one of the window shelves.These stoneshave been collected by the trustees of shrine and pilgrimsfrom outside of the old Khalid Nabi cemetery spaces.

Appellation: the grave of Khalid Nabi is located in the Jorjan region and the high mountain called Kooh Khoda /Existing tourism facilities: WC: Yes/Accommodation units: Yes / Suite: Yes / Way to access: Yes/ How to access: by vehicle / The best season to visit: The best time for worship and pilgrimage is April and May/ Tourism essential requirements in certain seasons: personal accessories and food and water.

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