Khalid Nabi historic cemetery in Kalaleh
It is located in 55 km northeast of Kalaleh6 kilometers from the Gachi-Su village.Near the Khalid Nabi shrine there is a valley where it has some tombstones that makes everybody surprised.

The application of these tombstones is still unclear but local people say this place is where Khalid Nabi (PBUH) prayedthat his folk become as a stone to the infidels could not reach themeven some people believe that some parts of the famous wall called Skandar are located along this region.Without any doubt, this cemetery is considered as one of the oldest cemeteries with unique and unparalleled tombstones. It is alone the great research work for scholars of history, archeology, anthropology, repair works and objects, geology, geography, biology, zoology, botany and so on.

Existing tourism facilities:WC: yes/Accommodation units: yes / Suite: yes/ Way to access: Yes/ How to access: by vehicle, 500 m Walking/ The best season to visit: The best time for worship and pilgrimage is April and May/ Tourism essential requirements in certain seasons: personal accessories and food and water.

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